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Corpus Christi Primary School

Corpus Christi Primary School

NPCAT - Letter to Parents

NPCAT - Letter to Parents

Dear Parents & Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as CEO of the Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust, which was formed on 1st September 2018.

Over the coming years we will ensure the continued progress of all 25 Catholic schools within the Trust. I will ensure you have regular updates and newsletters setting out the great work across our schools and information from the Department for Education that affect our pupils. I would also suggest that you keep up to date through our website and our twitter feed @npcat _MEDIA.

This week has seen the announcement of a new Ofsted framework for schools, beginning September 2019. As a Catholic Trust, we place every child at the heart of our schools where academic achievement is recognised and aspiration levels are high, equally we acknowledge and value the development of the whole child personally, morally and spiritually.

We welcome the announcement from Ofsted that outcomes will no longer be a standalone judgement. The acceptance that personal development should have its own judgement is a sound departure. As Catholic schools, we place the great focus on developing and supporting positive behaviour and attitudes, so we welcome the decision to place these areas within a single judgement.

Mrs. Spielman H.M. Chief Inspector of Education addressing a conference in Newcastle last Thursday outlined what she believes to be the driving force behind the changes and the benefits which Ofsted anticipate will result. Ofsted must see itself as a “force for change”. The key changes that parents and school leaders anticipate are that the overall judgement of a school will shift to “what is being taught and how schools are delivering a good education”. With this move a significant focus will be taken away from results, however, there is an expectation that outcomes will still be taken into consideration by the inspection team. Schools serving communities where levels of disadvantage are above national average will see this as more equitable.

As a Trust we can be confident that our curriculum accounts definitively for every child’s personal, social, moral and spiritual development in tandem with good outcomes. Ofsted wants to be seen as a force for improvement and valued as supportive. In respect of this, the Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust acknowledge the statement and indeed welcome the news. We have a Trust wide School Important Framework which sets out our continuous process to identify each school’s areas to develop on an annual basis and rigorously scrutinises the effectiveness and validity of the school leadership’s own judgement. We ensure the necessary resources are allocated to the target areas and that the success criteria is strictly monitored to deliver effective and tangible progress.

I look forward to provide further updates as we move forward and having the opportunity to meet with you at one of the many Trust events over this academic year.

Kind Regards

Hugh Hegarty CEO

NPQH | M.Sc. | PGCCGC | B.Ed. Hons.| CTC

Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust

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