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Corpus Christi Primary School

Corpus Christi Primary School

RE Curriculum

Come and See

'Come and See' follows on from successful trialling in schools in England and Wales and is based on the theological foundations of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Catechism and the revised RE Curriculum Directory and includes the Catholic attainment levels.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses the search for meaning in life. God’s initiative in Revelation who comes to meet us and our response of faith. This pattern guides the structure of the programme and informs the process of each topic, opened up through; Explore, Reveal and Respond.

'Come and See' is at the core of our RE curriculum at Corpus Christi. It forms the basis of our lessons and our staff build on this creatively. We encourage the children to make links to their own experiences by ensuring lessons are delivered in the appropriate context which is made meaningful to the children. It is important to us that our children see themselves as part of a wider community. 

Each new topic begins with a ‘big question’. The big question forms the basis of deep discussion, encouraging the children to think beyond their first response. The big question is displayed in each classroom throughout the theme and revisited regularly. During the ‘Respond’ part of each theme each child will complete their own ‘learning journey’. The learning journey revisits the big question and asks the children to identify some things they know now that they did not know before. Through the delivery of excellent, engaging lessons and with creativity and context at the forefront of teachers planning, children are equipped to provide a more meaningful response than they did at the beginning of the theme.

‘Come and See’ works in such a way that each year group covers the same topic at any one time, but this is broken into themes meaning the children build on their previous learning each year.

Our current topic is Advent, as the first Sunday of Advent is Sunday 3rd December 2017. During this topic each class will cover their own theme:


Early Years - birthday - Looking forward to Jesus’ birthday

Year 1 - waiting - Advent: a time to look forward to Christmas

Year 2 - preparations - Advent: preparing to celebrate Christmas

Year 3 - visitors - waiting for the coming of Jesus

Year 4 - gift - God’s gift of love and friendship in Jesus

Year 5 - hope - Advent: waiting in the joyful hope for Jesus, the promised one

Year 6 - expectations - Jesus born to show God to the world



See the big questions and an overview of the themes for each year group below.

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